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FINDING AARON is a musical romantic comedy about the struggles almost every young adult in America faces: Who you are and what you want in life, finding a career that doesn’t make you miserable, finding someone to be with, and how to make all that work together, in spite of all the curve balls the world throws at you.

FINDING AARON is part Roxanne, part When Harry Met Sally with a score that’s part Wicked and part Dear Evan Hansen with R-rated laughs to rival the Book of Mormon.



Isabel Godin left her home on the West Coast of South America in 1769 on a months-long voyage across the treacherous Amazon Rain Forest to rejoin her husband on the East Coast.  All in her party were lost and thought dead when Isabel emerged alive after weeks of walking alone through the jungle. 

Her miraculous survival is a mystery to this day.  This is her true story.

With an epic score in the spirit of Les Misérables and Phantom of the Opera, ACROSS THE AMAZONS is a musical drama of Isabel's incredible journey.  

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